Innovative Health Care for Medical, Dental & Veterinary Practitioners

Air-Filtration-SystemCET Medical is committed to providing innovative products that dramatically improve the environment for patients and caregivers within the healthcare setting. With several years of continuous improvement in real world experiences, this company has developed the exacting science needed to create and deliver ultra-clean air shown to effectively break the chain of infection.

By strategically placing high-efficiency filtration, CET has created the airflow dynamics of the “Vector Clean Air Zone™”. With proprietary technology, CET delivers a column of vectored clean air directly to a patient’s open wound during surgery or recovery in a patient room.

Clients in the Medical, Dental and Veterinary fields will enhance their patient’s and caregiver’s safety using our products. Our controlled air filtration systems will be used around the world as the surgical standard of care and many other site specific applications to assist in infection reduction.

Our team of dedicated employees share a passion for providing the highest quality devices and systems that can enhance the quality of air and the reduction of infection.